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Martial Arts in Fond Du Lac, WI

Self Defense

The fastest growing trend in adult Martial Arts! Made popular by the UFC Brazilian Jiujitsu is the best self-defense system around. 

Brazilian Jiujitsu

Traditional Brazilian Jiujitsu taught by high level black belts under the Marcello Monteiro Association.  Our academy is the only place in Fond Du Lac to learn real Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Kids Programs

Give your child a head start in life! In our program kids learn valuable self defense skills and build confidence through our proven martial arts classes  designed for children.

We Are Building Champions in Martial Arts and Life

“I never knew getting in shape could be so fun!  I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Fond du Lac BJJ”

“I joined Jiujitsu because my child needed extra confidence. From the bully buster program to the leadership class I am blown away at the results!”

“I joined Jiujitsu because I needed to take out some aggression in a positive way.  Fond du Lac BJJ has been a lifesaver to me .”

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